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a fatal syndrome which can cause someone to do something pointless and end up on weird website like urban dictionary

it was found that this syndrome can be curable but just for a short amount of time. Some of the cure that had been found working are xbox, ps, and lotsa expensive gadget but be warn that the cure only works temporarily. Sex might work too.

the one and only way to cure this syndrome forever is by jumping from 6 storey building which is painless (should be) though the curative are fully not advisable
boredom is killing me

argh i got infected by boredom, pls get me a xbox!

by boredom is killing me October 04, 2005
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a callsign in malay use for an extraordinary human who exceed the limit of normal human and also mostly consist of freaks. Usually it refers to superhero and sometimes refers to freak
hey, thats guy is a farid, he's damn cool but still hes a farid. Better stay away from farid

farid boredom is killing me, we need farid to help solve this trouble
by boredom is killing me October 03, 2005
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