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A hyperactive ditzy ass TV host that has conned thousand of novice cooking wives to believe they can prepared a gourmet meal in 30 minutes.
Husband: "Damn Boo I am hungry I could eat a horse. Whats for dinner?"

Wife: "I am making Beet Risotto with Roasted Asparagus and Ricotta Salata its a recipe I found in the Rachel Ray 30 minute cookbook.

Husband:(On his cell phone in bathroom) "Hello Dominos any specials today?"

Wife: "Baby your going love this !!"

Husband: "Godamn Rachel Ray"
by boaz357 March 19, 2007
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The current County Executive of Prince George County, Maryland. A crooked ass politician that allow the school system to go to shit and crime reach a all time high. His reelection bid for his second term was so suspect he had Jesse Jackson endorsed him and lined the pockets of black ministers. His nickname is mush mouth. This idiots theme for the County is "livable communities" which is bullshit because the demographic inside the beltway is straight ghetto.
Jack B. Johnson is so fucked up it makes a brother want to vote Republican.
by boaz357 April 17, 2007
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The Ward 9 community of Maryland.
The PG county hospital will face closure unless these clowns
on the County Council poney up and find a plan.
by boaz357 April 17, 2007
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