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1.The best goddamn man made game besides WOW. Made by Bungie. This fucking kick ass game includes aliens, aliens being shot at, aliens getting their heads blown off, teammates who are dumb enough to get in the line of fire(stupid sims.), granades, weapons, different levels, and a whole bunch of other kick ass shit. Yes I'm a girl. I love to kill things online. It rocks.
2. A religious symbol.
3. The way a jackass says hello.
Guy1: Dude! I just got Halo 3. Me and the guys are totally siked! We're going to my house later, wanna come?
Guy2: Oh! Fuck yeah! Meet you there.
Girl: What the hell are you talking about?

(Guys look at each other and shake there heads in shame)
by bloodylyrics101@yahoo.com March 12, 2008

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