12 definition by blake dremmel

A person who usually will not spend money on himself or others.
This is usually the guy within the group of your friends that always manages to forget his wallet when he goes with you to get fast food. He does not tell you he forgot his wallet until after you've ordered and are pulling up to pay at the drive thru window. Also, this is the very same person that has never ever paid for your fast food meal in return and never ever plans to pay you back in any way shape or form.
Chris is such a total tight ass! He throws nickels around as if they were manhole covers. He owes me at least three Jack In The Box combo meals.
Don't ever take Chris with you to eat. Its just another free meal to that tight ass!
by blake dremmel April 01, 2009

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A mild case of "the shits" usually caused by a bad piece of lettuce that was on your jumbo jack and or whopper junior. Sometimes the lettuce will actually be seen in the bowl of broth.
I just ate that jumbo jack only an hour ago and all ready I had butt broth! Amazing!

Dude, I just blew butt broth with a side of lettuce all over your bowl! It must have been the whopper junior I ate an hour and a half ago. I think the lettuce was bad or maybe a little brown.
by blake dremmel August 11, 2008

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To screw up really bad.

To not show up at all and the people waiting for you are screwed because you flaked out.
Damn it! Our drummer is not going to make it tonight. Looks like he dicked the show again.

I dicked the show and forgot to pick up beer. Shit! You have any money?

We are going to run out of gas! Dude, you totally dicked the show. Why didn't you get gas?
by blake dremmel August 11, 2008

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To be screwed over. To be diapointed with an outcome of a situation.
I'm so juked that I got a parking ticket.

I'm pretty juked that larry fucked my little sister!

The show is allready sold out? Juked!
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007

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To extract the ejaculated deposit of semen from your lovers anus with a soft straw like tube.
.clear fuel line from Pep Boys
.motorcycle fuel line from any motorcycle shop
"Alex, where are the new felching tubes you just got from "Fun Bike Center"? You're going to want one later."

"I'm going to felch that cum right out of your sisters ass tonight after we fuck!"

"Next time get it in 12 inch lengths so I can shove at least half of it right up your ass!"
by Blake Dremmel February 12, 2008

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