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A liberal arts school filled with gays and super liberals on the pan handle of West Virginia. Populated mainly by spoiled middle class kids from Northern Virginia and Montgomery County Maryland who think they are the shit. The rest are either hicks from WV and normal people from everwhere else. Also known for Cowboy Bob who still hangs out and bugs everyone there even though he was kicked out
"Oh I go to Shepherd College that means I am a spoiled asshole from Montgomery County in MD can I tell you about how Bush is a warmonger now or we could have gay sex"
by biznass July 25, 2004

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A lazy bastered who failed out of Shepherd College and spends most of his days not showering, trying to get laid, smoking weed, or getting drunk.
Cowboy is known for thinking he is cool but in reality he is like Bigfoot int he respect that everyone talks about him but doesn't want to see him plus thye both smell like shit

He is known for yelling Yehaw, and for his outits as well. If you see a man in a cowboy hat a redskins jersey, dirty jeans, and sandals run
"Oh man who invited Cowboy Bob to the party"
by biznass July 25, 2004

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