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Activists for the disabled are also poverty pimps by:
saying, "We will not support that," to some career moves (career conflicts with some "moral/ethical" quandary), have been known to be incapable of landing even one of their charges in a fast food joint job over a span of more than two decades, often let their disabled charges sit on their asses for eight hours a day in a workshop waiting for craft work to do for a pittance. When there is none, they do not have to search for real paid jobs (not that they would get them as we can imagine the disaster the craft work would do to their "résumés") are usually headed by limousine liberals who expect their charges to use public transportation to get around in counties where everyone knows that almost everyone who can see HAS to possess and drive his or her own vehicle just to obtain employment. To sum up the first four points, even in allegedly disabled American friendly states such as New York, the disabled are expected to know a socioeconomic place that is often below to less than three times the poverty level, even when the disability can be medicated and concealed through the medication. No attempt is made to gauge the severity of an individual's disability, every attempt is made to force the disabled individual into impoverished submission.
Disability activist poverty pimps are in some ways worse than intraracial poverty pimps in that the former are bottom feeders and the latter are preying on their own racial kind.
by bipolar; won't know his place August 03, 2010

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