13 definition by billybillyohbilly

Shortened version of the insult 'ignorant frizz' meaning a person who is ignorant, often with frizzy bush hair.
"Jemi you iggy!"

"Look at that iggy!"

"Speak to me, you iggy!"
by billybillyohbilly February 01, 2008

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shortened version of the word NEMATODE aka doohan. thanks.
omg doohan you're such a nemi!
by billybillyohbilly April 21, 2009

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Phrase used to tell someone to get something finished.
John Travolta well made this phrase up in 'Carrie'
"Git r done man, git r done!"
by billybillyohbilly May 02, 2008

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Some vile and rancid excuse for a member of the lug train, who thinks his flesh is worthy of our presence.
"That Claudy is a right willy!"
by billybillyohbilly September 11, 2008

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Pronounced o-rij-ee

Some one who has originality.
"Why do you go to Morri'z for a day out?"
"Because we are origy's"
by billybillyohbilly September 11, 2008

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Part of the IGGY FAMILY TREE, the LUG derives from the patrilineal IGGY line.

A lug is and can be a indescribable object in space.

"You utter LUG"

"Look at that LUG!"

by billybillyohbilly April 01, 2008

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