3 definitions by bill77hill

The phrase used to suggest that a person should use their best judgement in any possible situation
After a long night of getting blackout drunk I asked my wing man if I should bang a fat chick from the club.
My wing man told me,
And it was all clear to me what I needed to do
by bill77hill August 19, 2013
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When you are having sex with your girl from behind and you pull out real quick and have your buddy jump in. Then you sneak outside to the window, tap on the glass and wave to her.
Debbie was wicked pissed at me last night. Tony and me pulled the Nomad.
by bill77hill February 17, 2018
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When you fart in your car, leave your vehicle for a few minutes and come back to a fart waiting in your car for you.
Dude I busted ass before running in the store to get some blunts, came back to my car only to get choked out by the Backseat Strangler.
by bill77hill May 9, 2021
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