3 definitions by bigpapiichuloo

the finest, most delicious looking, attention craving man we’ve ever set our eyes on. nd we all should be very grateful that we’ve gotten this present that MAPPA gave us.
WOAH theres that one guy you were talking about a couple days ago… Gojo Satoru was it?

me: *runs*
by bigpapiichuloo April 1, 2021
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L take • ur opinion being wrong, although technically an opinion cant be wrong, but in this situation, it is.
example: orange juice>>> apple juice
“L take”
by bigpapiichuloo July 22, 2021
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look, ion kno what ts mean, but its dope n imma keep using it
im pushing P

“man, what bra?”
by bigpapiichuloo January 21, 2022
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