11 definitions by biggie

6:25pm«biggie » lotox ur a fucking noob loser b!tch ass losers
a h4xx0r on UnKnoWnCheaTs!!! w00t w00t!
by biggie September 21, 2004
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As in a "COLD ONE" or "THE PROPERTY OF ONES" somthing i picked up on my travels with Strongbad in Cancun
I had a "COLD ONE" last night, it was a good buuurr!"
by Biggie June 18, 2003
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My Best Friend!!
Our little Lickfest is growing up SOO fast!!
by Biggie June 12, 2003
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The fear of impending doom associated with parinoia common in post-moderism.
He was hospitalized when his Budda Budda caused him to become psycotic.
by Biggie November 20, 2003
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