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an extremely boring town in massachusetts filled with mostly rich preppy jocky snobby jews. it is the worst place to live and everyday i wish to move and wonder what i am doing here. it is so stupid boring and crappy and there is no place to hang out and people think they are cool when they hang out at friendlies and tj maxx. get over yourself and stop hanging where hags do. all the guys have short buzz cut hair and are still in that phase where "mommy cuts my hair every month! it looks great especialy for sports!" and they havent realized that the rest of guys in the world has long hair and its the best thing a guy has ever done but they are too caught up in themselves and think they are really hott the way they are but geuss what. your not. emo guys are hott. not you.but even if they did grow their hair out now they would kill it. so in general, guys here suck and are ugly as poop.they need to grow up. and the girls, all they care about is abercrombie and fitch and whos popular. their goal is to reach the most popular so they can hang out with the other ugly slutty popualars. everyone here is the same. everything is too. all the houses, people, and all the days are the same. and its a big deal if you throw a paper at a teacher. for sudbarians thats "badass" and "funny". they dont no what funny is. they also have a terrible fear of "getting in troublee!!" stfu.your so annoying. sudbury sucks. everyone here thinks that the rest of the world is like this. but its not. your all just too issolated and caught up in your money and your selves to realize that. dont move here unless you are coming to piss everyone off and change it. its like a jail. but a safer one filled with drugs and alcohol. everyone here also thinks they are ghetto. you live in one of the richest towns, rap sucks, and you live in sudbury. there is no way you are gangster. so overall, sudbury (aka drink and drug bury and sucksbury) sucks. i hate you all. your moms a whore.
ayee yu i got yo mahn biatchh he be wantin meh so now ima go gitt drunk n high witt my pop creww foos!

umm you live in sudbury. your not black.

...but i cant stay out too late cuz i have soccer in the morning and i cant get in trouble! tootles love you girl omg yeah totally bff!xoxoxox <3

by biggestsudburyhater January 30, 2008
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