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Band from the hippie music era that doesn't deserve to be forgotten.

The artists from which have also joined in various other bands such as Humble Pie, Steelers Wheel, Mott the Hoople, and Foreigner

Slightly remnicient of today's "The Darkness".
Girl: "Yeah, I got bored so I started looking through my mom's LPs and found some from a band called Spooky Tooth."

Guy: "Umm okayy..."

Girl: "No, actually, they're pretty good. What'd you do last night?"

Guy: "Listened to some Frank Zappa"

Girl: "Sweet!!"
by bibliophile July 12, 2009
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(n.) Another word for a conceited, big-headed, or egotistical individual
Barbara- "Oh god, Carol. Will you stop flirting so shamelessly with our fat head boss?"

Carol- "Meh. Why not? Don't you remember what happened at the Christmas party last year? I got a raise"

Barbara- "You little tart. You ARE shameless! hahah"

Carol- "Oh shut up. You know all I did was be nice to the guy. You have such a dirty mind."
by bibliophile June 30, 2009
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