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Remark and conclusive statement said usually at the end of an video game round. A show of sportsmanship usually from the winning team.


Can be used in a derogatory way to mock someone outside of a video game, including yourself. Usually done after someone makes a fool of themselves during an argument or verbal confrontation of some sort or when a person using this remark, clearly wins pretty much anything; game, debate, discussion, valid point, etc.

In contrary it can also be used to show inferiority or just loss at something. In this case its complete loss of hope for something, or just giving up entirely on something stating, it was a good run but its over, GG (good game). A common synonym of this would be, Fml, Fuck my life.
Person A: Nah dude everyone likes me better, just saying.
Person B: Nahhh dude im pretty sure I'm better than you.
Person A: Dude I'm like a level 71 archmage and your just like a level 1 priest.
Person B: Did you just compare yourself to a video game?
Person A: yeah?

Person B: Wow, GG, nerd.

Person A: Dude, did you hear how much work we got from Mrs. "
Person B: Yeah? we got like 3 pages.
Person A: Nahhh, she just upped it to 6 pages.

Person B: ...GG..., I'm done
by bferrari24 December 27, 2010

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When a girl is on an imaginary leash of a guy, meaning he has power or control over her in a way that she more or so bends to his whim. The male figure does not have to be a boy friend but just a male who has control. The girl may be under said male's charm, physical attraction, or some other trait that the girl takes interest in. It may also be from black mail or some sort of manipulative control to make said girl bend to their will and do what they please.
Samantha: Hey, did you see the new tron movie?

Ronny: Did I say you could talk, bitch? Speak only when spoken to, fucking bitch
Samantha: Your right :\ I'm sorry.
David: (whispers) Hey luke, is it me or does Ronny seem to have Sam on a total dick leash?

Luke: yeah man i totally agree.

(girl is tying shoes for a friend who asked her to tie his shoes)

Person 1: Well someone seems to be on a pretty tight dick leash.
Public bystanders: (laughing)
by Bferrari24 January 07, 2011

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A word used to describe or declare the state of a person's physical or personal being, as gay or homosexual. The correct and true meaning of the word though, is in fact, a transvestite woman who has had a sex change from male to female still keeping his male genitalia that is presumably gay by choice. As it may be a hard image to conjure in ones mind, it is indeed an insult of the highest caliber.

It is uni-sexual insult. That can describe a woman as more masculine, or a man as more feminine.
(directed to a guy)
Player 1: Hey guys <3 hope you all have fun and make it a good game :D!
Player 2: Wow...you are such a phanfer...

(directed to a girl)

Girl: Yeah, i love working out, how much do u bench? i bench around 225 on a bad day.

Man: Wow, your quite the phanfer aren't you? Did you have a sex change recently?
by Bferrari24 January 07, 2011

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