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The process of having intercourse with an unconscious, intoxicated woman, then feeding on the buffalo wings that she regurgitates onto her own breasts.

To a lesser degree, the process of licking your own finger during intercourse, after clearing a woman's airway to prevent choking, may also be considered a Spicy Tracy.
Bill: "If you were awake, you would be having the time of your life, baby"
Tracy: "urggg....hwahhh...gurg, gurg"
Bill: "Whoa.....I think its time for a Spicy Tracy!"
Homeless Man: "Hey, get out of my alley!"
by bergstrom February 04, 2008

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A reality television show where the cast will display overblown emotions or reactions based on the changing circumstances of the show.
Narrator: "While Jamie and Adam rebuild Buster, Grant and Tory will try to melt butter with a firecracker"
Grant: "3...2...1..."
Viewer: "This UnReality TV fad has about ran it's course"
by bergstrom February 19, 2008

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The Baby Bum Generation is composed of individuals born during the period between 1946 and 1964.

Their generation is know for greatly increasing the national debt, not paying their share of taxes and guaranteeing themselves generous retirement entitlements.

They decided that paying for their debts would best be handled by following generations of people.
Nexus 7 Teaching Robot: "That concludes our discussion of 20th and 21st century history. I am free to answer questions now."

Billy432212: "M. Teacher, I thought the Baby Bum Generation did have some redeeming qualities."

Nexus 7 Teaching Robot: "You are correct Billy 432212, That generation did make great strides in environmental and civil rights."

Billy432212: "M. Teacher, then why does history look down upon this generation?"

Nexus 7 Teaching Robot: "Because they were bums that didn't pay their bills!"
by bergstrom January 23, 2012

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