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Someone who is so inlove with hype shoes and 3rd and 4th retros that seem to forget the about og's and first retros because of new more shitty quality hyped retros. exspecially jordans of the 2011-2012 era.
Fred:Peep these Og concords i got on i love them
Andrew: EW! those are old yellowed i got the new retros that just dropped in december
Andrew:Not only that they have a blue icey sole
Fred: There nice but nothign compared to og's
Andrew: But ther icey
Fred: your sucha Retrosexual
by ben jackson February 20, 2012
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Slang for "spontaneous erection"
I was drivin down the road and all of a sudden I got a spont.
by Ben Jackson August 05, 2006
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