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A crazy, funny, outgoing friendly girl. She is thick-skinned has amazing red curly hair that she sometimes straightens, but always looks better when it is natural. Ruby is always cracking jokes that are actually funny, but can sometimes offend people if they take it the wrong way. Ruby always makes class interesting but the teacher's don't always appreciate her, and she can get into trouble. She is incredibly smart and wonderful at impromptu deebating. She is not afraid to make fun of herself and can easily get along with anyone.
"wow, that girl isn't afraid to make a statement"
"yeah, she's a ruby"
by beelieve September 02, 2011

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A word that means believe as considered relevant to Bee's.
I beelieve in Jesus.

Beelieve in yourself.

Beelieve in your dreams.
by Beelieve December 31, 2012

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