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A bunch of losers who post offensive shit about dying children, people they find unattractive, and racist jokes. They think that following in the steps of the Satan Facebook page is cool, that they can get famous by getting reported a dozen times, and that they are far more attractive than anyone else even though they are run by a fat mexican, ugly dyke, scrawny emo faggot, a fat character off of King of the Hill, and some teenage daddy who should be taken care of their kid. (Can you say bad parenting?)

Losers. Don't like them.
Henry: Who are the wise guys? What makes them so wise?
Jackie: They aren't wise, they're a bunch of wannabe newfags that need to get off the internet.
Henry: Where can I flag them at?
Jackie: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/TheRealWiseGuy
by beckygraham August 03, 2012
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