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An adjective to describe a person, usually a girl, who puts on lip gloss at least 200 times a day and owns over half of the Hollister store. (S)he must be able to see the inner beauty in horses and think mohawks are crazy. (S)he will usually go for tall, dark, preppy guys. A girly person will never have a real job, and (s)he will generally avoid Hot Topic and any other stores that express "diversity" (a loose use of the term, considering Hot Topic produces as many clones as Abercrombie). Typically this person will idolize television characters from the OC and/or Laguna Beach using catch phrases like "dunzo" in their everyday vocabulary. Their typical hair product selection consists of "5 billion" different types. All of which will be used by other girls at sleepovers where boys are the only topic of discussion. This person probably also wears Uggs and giant sunglasses and wishes that (s)he had been born an Olsen. Ironically enough, rap music is the selection of choice because (s)he can deeply relate to the ghetto ruffians of Detroit.
Girly Girl 1: OMG look at those beautiful horses! forrreeaaalz.
Girly Girl 2: Yeah, those are like almost as amazing as my Hollister boyfriend!
Me: I hate you and your stupid emo fag boyfriend. And I hope your horse gets sent to the glue/ gelatin factory! What now?
Girly Girl 1 and 2: (go cry in a corner because depression is also girly)
by beautifulhorsesforlife February 21, 2006

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