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This is a very ancient Hispanic name. The most lovable and happy family. They stick together through everything no matter what. If you are ever invited to party with this family ACCEPT IT! Let me tell you the have the best parties. People will always feel like family when they are with people with this last name. If you have this as a part of your name you are probably good looking, funny, kind, and lovable. If you get the chance to marry someone with this name, take it.
"Hey did you go to the Silvera's party last night?"
"Yeah dude it's always a good time when you're around people like them"
by Beachbabe January 05, 2014

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There has been many other Holocausts in the world but this is esspecially remembered because it is the first time a religous group hads been identified as a ethnic or social class.

In 1940's German leader Adolf Hitler along with his Nazi party decided that all those not meeting Aryan standards or did not have a life worth living should be exterminated . Almost 11 million dead. 6 million of these people were Jewish. Other racial/ethnic groups targeted include Roma(Gypsies), German male homosexuals, German mentally/phisically impaired,Soviet POWs, Jehovah's Witnesses,Germans openly against nazi regime, people pf Polish decent, Slavic people, and people of African decent.

This term comes from Roman text meaning a sacrafical fire. This makes it seem almost as if this was being used for the good of a population. In hebrew and now being used in modern text as the Shoah which means complete destruction and anhiliation.
The Holocaust was one of the darkest times in mondern day Europe's history.
by beachbabe April 21, 2008

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