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There are two types, stereotypical and the ones that don't show up in media
STEREOTYPICAL: Overweight men who watch football and play football all day; Anorexic girls who just want to party and be like their idol, Pairs Hilton. Also people who over spend like crazy
OTHERS: The kind that actually put thought into what they say, are proud to be American for the opportunities they have here and the history of those opportunities, the kind who work hard for every friggin ass penny they can get, the kind of people that started this country

Yeah, sure we all overspend at least occasionally, and we probably all have fun being lazy at least once in awhile, and yeah we love our cars, but at least 55% of us have a heart
Yeah, I'm proud to be a non-dumbshit American
by be_sacred December 12, 2010

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An adjective describing idiots who think either think that certain groups are below them and horrible, or that anything different is bad. A lot of the time they are rich or middle class men. (Sometimes they aren't but usually not often)
Examples of people who have to suffer prejudice:
Teenage moms
by be_sacred August 17, 2010

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1.A very real disease in which as much as you try to concentrate you just can't.
2. An excuse for students not to do their homework.
3. An excuse for teachers to give up on their students.
4.An over-publicized and over-criticized disease
Intelligent person with ADHD: "Hey Doc, as much as I try to concentrate, I just can't."
Intelligent Doctor: "Well John, we will run a few tests to make sure, and if you do I will prescribe to medication which will enable you to concentrate."
Father: "Chris, do your homework"
Lazy Student: "I can't. I have ADHD."
Teacher:"Lexi, spell, candy."
Lexi: *thinks thoughtfully* "C-A-N...OMIGOD! Is that bird getting killed by a cat?
Teacher: "You have ADHD."
by be_sacred August 17, 2010

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Probably one of the best series to ever walk the Earth. People are always comparing it to Lord of the Rings and Twilight when in reality, it's nothing like either. Twilight is a crappy vampire series and Lord of the Rings is totally awesome, but for me not as good as Harry Potter. Harry Potter is on it's way to becoming a piece of classic literature and it is well deserved too. People are always complaining about it but usually they don't read the books. Contrary to popular belief, J.K. Rowling is not a satanist. She is an awesome writer who made it after living on the streets. She has pretty much made my life worth living with her awesome characters, Harry Potter, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione.
Person who has never read the books: "Harry potter is a fag."
Me: "Get over yourself."
by be_sacred August 19, 2010

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