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characters in Vodafone TV ads for IPL which resemble animated cartoon characters with an alien look or simply a stupid egg-head character with disproportional white bodies and black dots for eyes and mouth.
zoozoo couldn’t see where they were going, so we had several funny instances where the actors would walk right out of the frame during shooting. Also, it was very difficult for them to breathe with those headpieces on, so the actors would take them off every few minutes for some air. But after the first few days, we got into the groove of things and managed just fine,” says Prakash Varma, director at Nirvana Films
by bassula May 15, 2009
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U-boot is a Polish and Flemish beer mix made from beer and vodka. It consists of one bottle of beer and one shot of vodka.

It is called a U-boot (German for unterseeboot or "submarine", also known as a U-boat), because a small 40 ml glass of vodka is dropped into the larger half-litre (500 ml) beer glass, and later the vodka glass "surfaces" while the cocktail is drunk and the angle at which the large glass is held decreases from 90° to 0° or less.
U-boot : named after the German for submarine, this Polish cocktail is simply beer with a small glass of vodka sunk to the bottom. Only for the brave.
by bassula June 10, 2009
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THE ECONOMIC slowdown during recession
john:Economic downturn hits placements in universities.
pinto: thats" recessionomics".
by bassula June 04, 2009
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