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Alex is a very attractive guy. He has the perfect physique, personality and *listen up ladies* a big d!ck ;) all the girls want him. He's knows how to give a girl the best fucking of her life and how to make her orgasm quick. Alex is tall, hot, sexy, strong, and well knows how to get the job done *if you know what I mean* not to mention his kissing skills. Alex is a sweetheart one on one and is so funny you won't be able to look at him without laughing your ass off.
Girl: I want to be with Alex but sadly, he's way out of my league.
by BanginBabe October 25, 2014
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when you have been in a relationship for a decent amount of time, and you start to become a careless slob.
some things that are affected by relationship relaxation include:

hair- you probably don't style it much, and think that a 'bun' is good for going out

clothes- you start wearing track pants and huge jumpers around your partner because hey, who are you trying to impress?

weight- you start putting on weight and letting yourself go, using the 'they will love me no matter what' excuse.

general manners and etiquette- you find yourself burping and doing disgusting things around your partner, and for those who are really relaxed, you might even slip in a fart or two!
girl one: hey, i'm just going over to my boyfriends for a bit

girl two: your wearing your pajama pants and that ugly jumper your nan knitted you, i mean did you even brush your teeth?

girl one: oh it doesn't matter to him, he loves me

girl two: hunny, your suffering from some serious relationship relaxation!
by banginbabe March 08, 2011
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