5 definitions by bangbangletchyanutshang

Candy coated rims of 26 inches in diameter
Dubs = 20's
Twanks = 22's
Jordans = 23's
Grown Men = 24's
Choppers = 26's

"Got Choppers?"
by bangbangletchyanutshang September 19, 2003
Like a hit and run but involving taking a shit. It's any shit that is performed in under two minutes, thus leaving no time to wipe, wash your hands, or flush. So you drop trow, shit, pull up, and go. The next person into the stall knows they've been the victim of the shit and run.
Shit Sergeant: "Alright maggots we're doing the two minute drill, the shit and run on my whistle!!"
by bangbangletchyanutshang April 16, 2005
Actually it's a set of rims with a diameter of 24" or greater.
Me an' my padnah's roll on them grown meyahn...you know them twentay'fawhs.
by bangbangletchyanutshang September 19, 2003
The act of turning the peace sign upside down. In other words it's "peace up, a-town down"
nig you gotsta know when you turnin that peace down around that's a-town down bra!
by bangbangletchyanutshang March 28, 2006
whurr them real mothafuckas roll, aka North Car'lina
North Cackalack, if you come fuck w/ us you gonna wind up on ya baaaaack
by bangbangletchyanutshang February 21, 2004