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An acronym that stands for age/sex/location. It is a question mostly used by perverts who fail to get a real girls' attention and has to go online to create a pseudo-romantic situation. However, if one that the pervert is talking to is a male or is at an age far too appealing for the pervert, one is likely to face neglect or aggression.
situation one
pervert: hi, asl?
'hotchick': 18/f/Can
pervert: what do you look like?
'hotchick': blonde with blue eyes
(pervert undergoes orgasm and fantasizes unrealistic situations with female subject.)
(series of orgasmic phrases spill out onto chatroom uncontrollably)
(female feels demeaned and leaves chat)
(pervert regrets action and feels sad)

situation two
pervert: hi, asl?
'hotchick': 75/f/Can
pervert: fuck you.
(pervert leaves chat with anger and feels sad)

situation three
pervert: hi, asl?
'hotchick': 18/M/Can
pervert: fuck you.
(pervert spams chatroom with series of insults involving one having a gay name and feels sad)
by bananian February 20, 2006

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