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A Witch is the most powerful zombie in the video games Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Basically she sits in a corner and cries during nighttime, and walks around drunkenly in the daylight. If you startle her (not recommended), then she FLIPS OUT and opens up a can of whupass on you, smearing your sorry butt all over your TV screen with her big-ass claw thingies.
Player (pokes Witch): what's that?

Witch: AaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!!!!!

(Player dies)

Palyer respawns: Shit!
by bambimustdie March 29, 2010

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A Jockey is a zombie in Left 4 Dead 2 that looks like Gollum on steroids with big ass-hands. He jumps on you and steers you unceremoniously into a WHOLE FUCKING HORDE of Zombies! Pain in my ass.
the Jockey jumped on Coach and tried to get him killed by a bunch of Zombies but Coach said , "No fucking way" and blew its head off the end.
by bambimustdie March 29, 2010

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Angel is a six year olod (seven year old in book 5) winged girl in the Maximum Ride seriess. Angel is shown to be sweet in the first few books, but around the time of the fourth book she starts being obnoxious, rude, challenging, and over all a pain in the butt. Angel has "hit he genetic jackpot". she can read minds, influence her will onto others, breathe underwater, talk to fish, has a Voice in her head (don't ask), and can change her appearance. Angel has changed from "My Angel" to "a sinister little mind-reading shirley temple". Angel also is very adult, despite being the youngest of the flock, and often challenges Max for leadership, which was temporarily granted in book 6: FANG. she later loses her leadership to Max again, and continues living with the flock.
Telepath? oh, a gues they meant Angel. Well, Telepath is better than "Creepy little mind-reading kid." - Maximum Ride
by bambimustdie March 30, 2010

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