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1. (noun) an asshole that is stupid
2. (noun) Justin Beiber
3. (noun) one's head after it is defecated upon
Bill: Did you see that prepubescent faggot Beiber singing love songs and dancing around like a wind-up monkey?

Joe: Oh yeah, that butt-plug. He's a shithead. And it literally looks like he has a shithead.

Bill: I am pretty certain that he did probably pull his head out of some guy's asshole.
by backspinboy September 21, 2010
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A derivation of the term "dragging ass" used by stupid people that can't spell or quite often even read.
The proper usage would be for example...when watching a football game " What's up with the team today, they're all dragging ass out there They must have been up all night drinking and drilling skanks before the game!"

Improper use..."all the players have DRAGON ass"
by backspinboy September 15, 2011
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1. a way for people to gossip, or boast about themselves
2. a crutch for losers

3. stalker dreamland
4. a great way for cheating spouses to reunite with skanks

from the past for ass
5. Also known as deathbook and fuckbook
Joe: Hey Bill, remember that hooker Mary from high


Bill: Oh yeah. The one that could suck a basketball through

a tennis racket...chubby cheeks and saddlebags. A

real spoiled twat!

Joe: Right! Thanks to Fuckbook, I mean Facebook, I drilled

her like the slam whore she is while her hubby was at

work and her kids were at school.
by backspinboy September 26, 2010
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This is an expression guys use to detemine if a girl is interested in you or if you are already drilling her? It can also be used as an expression for a hot piece of ass that one would like to nail.
Mike: Hey Joe, I saw you talking to Mary earlier today. Is she on tip?

Joe. Not yet, but I'm working on it.

As Joe and Mike are talikng, a gorgeous slut walks by. Mike says, "on tip!", then Joe says " i'd love to crush that pussy!"
by backspinboy September 30, 2010
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