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The meaning of the word GravyKing is someone who sits on the computer or xbox all day and faps, he has no real friends except one, He is a cool friend but is a lump on a log! One of the most boring people i have every gotten the opportunity to speak with.
Hey bobby do you see that fat man over there? (Bobby) No he isnt a fat man thats just a GravyKing, They always look like that, Boring, lazy, xbox prone, and hungry. (Jimmy) Oh ok he kinda looks scary! Lets get out of here!
by Babydoll September 08, 2012

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a girl who is high maitenance and KNOWS what she wants..not a bitch..not stuck up..just a cute little girl who is used to getting her way :]
"could you bring me my purse..oOh and my shoes and a water too please??"
"damn...what a princess"
by babydoll April 23, 2005

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How Linda spells POOPY!!
Her: poopie face
ME: you spelled poopy wrong
Her: poopie looks smarter
by babydoll May 31, 2003

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