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yet another nickname for the town of mundelein, illinois; located in lake county. mundelein had an immense gang problem in the 90's: mexican's would typically hang out in eagle trails or the cow path and be as crazy as a suburban gang can be. go figure, there is still a sizeable latin king chapter in mundelein.
despite stories of mundelein gangs being comprised of pussies, there was once a shootout in the parking lot of mundelein high school. this shows that their idiocy has the potential take a toll on mundelein's smarter population.
many teenagers resort to shoplifting as a reaction to the apathetic lifestyle provided for them by fundelein
when the real estate market crashed, it had little-to-no effect on libertyville. mundecrime, on the other hand, is suffering the consequences.
by b3n d0v3r June 18, 2008
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An evolution of jorts: When one makes a pair of cut-off, unhemmed shorts out of a pair of slacks.
When we began this road trip, Lane didn't even know what jorts were. Now look at him...He's gone on and taken it to a new level, and invented slorts!
by b3n d0v3r August 08, 2010
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a semi-derogatory, totally ironic nickname used to refer to the town of mundelein, illinois. the town is notorious for having absolutely nothing fun to do (see: mundeslime), and therefore the only amount of fun any teenage resident ever has in mundelein most likely involves substance abuse, bon fires, hanging out in people's garages, and garage hopping.
when i move into my apartment in the city, i'm really gonna miss fundelein...NOT!
by b3n d0v3r June 18, 2008
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an expression that is intended to convey excessive excitement. the beauty of the expression is that it has a double meaning; one literal and another entirely figurative but much more ridiculous.

1) to be shitting in one's pants
2) to be excreting pants from one's rectum

(over the phone): hey broski, guess where i'm at? in line to see the offspring. i'm shitting pants!
by b3n d0v3r June 19, 2008
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