2 definitions by b38

The act of shitting viciously for hours...unitl your ass is swollen, bloody and is in unbelievable pain. This causes hardening and discomfort. The only remedy is for a 4 inch gerbil with shark like teeth to eat through the inner layers of the buttocks and deflates the entire anus back to it normal size.
After having an incredible case of montezuma's revenge, Pat sent his grilfriend to the nearest pet store in search of a gerbil that could help cure his worsening case of the Metherall's
by b38 July 31, 2006
When you go down on a hooker and wake up with golf ball size cold.
When I was in Vegas I ate out this hooker and woke up with a Crab Cake on my lip.
by b38 July 28, 2006