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A great way of failing on english (if you are portuguese) and you ment to say REPORT (aka, relatório in portuguese).
Guy 1: So I heard you like doin' your relatory.
Guy 2: No, dude, it's pronounced REPORT.
Guy 1: OH....right...
by b1ackmateria April 04, 2011

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It's normally used as three expressions (all depend of the situation). The word "urgh" always comes before any other word in a sentence:

1.Madness (sometimes used to cover "curses");
2.Boredom (just like "meh")
3.And dissapointment;
1. Urgh! The PC just shut down!! Now I've to start everything over again!!!

1. Second example: Urgh, stop bothering me.

2. Urgh (meh)....It's summer and I don't have nothing to do..

3. Urgh, man..why the hell did you do that!?
by b1ackmateria July 13, 2010

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Kizzle my dizzle is a new expression that means: ''Kiss my dick''. It's used as a 'gtfo' curse.

Original author: B1ackMateria.
Fanboy: Hey, sorry being such asshole guy, but how do you do that!?
The Guy: Yo yo yo, kizzle my dizzle.
by b1ackmateria November 20, 2010

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Hoo Haa has two meanings:

a) It's war cry;

b) It refers to woman's privates.
Example for:

a) Hoo Haa!! Head shot!

b) I want some "Hoo Haa" in my hand. Now!
by b1ackmateria August 09, 2010

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