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a condition afflicting mostly married men that makes them unable to see common household objects even though they're right in front of them
if you were surveying the contents of the fridge ... looking for the mustard etc ... and you say to your partner ... where's the mustard and they say "right in fricken front of you" ... you still say you can't see it ... they come up and point it out to you ... and its label facing front - right at your eye level etc and you go ... oh yeah ... so it is ;-| ... that's grounds for a domestic blindness diagnosis!
by b1 May 24, 2006
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The most wonderful town in Colorado where the beer flows like wine. Commonly referred to as: Fort Fun, The Fort, and Fo Co.
by b1 December 4, 2003
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a double meaning label given to people who make something break/not work just by being near it or touching it ... the explanation is ... "passion fingers" - everything he touches he f--ks!
you touch someone's computer and it crashes ... arggghh fricken passion fingers!!
by b1 May 24, 2006
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