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n. - An Internet text messaging program that exchanges communications between users in real time, and allows college students to leave nifty online "away" messages for their buddies all day.

v. - to AIM someone is to send them a message using the AIM program.

I used AIM to ask Sheila out on a date.

Sheila AIMed me back to tell me no.
by b-diddy July 15, 2003

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Slang for good azz cocaine.
Jeff sniffed the biggest line of yay oh I have ever seen, it was the size of a babys arm.
by B-Diddy February 13, 2003

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A highfalutin term to describe the ratio of cost-to-quality of food that a restaurant provides.
The costqualimeter of that sushi place sucked. The maguro was eight bucks a pair, and tasted like they dredged it from the bowls of a tidepool.
by B-diddy July 05, 2004

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an alternate term for the word "hippie."
a left leaning individual with communist tendencies.
Those damn linux-loving crunchies are bashing Microsoft again
by b-diddy June 21, 2003

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