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1 - a toyota prius that is mainly parked in a garage and only taken out for special drives or occasions.

2 - a toyota prius that the owner thinks is the shit because he/she is driving green.
"dude, check out that prius."

"hey, that's a chinese corvette!"
by azlurker July 27, 2009

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1 - when you don't notice anything about the girl except her big breasts.

2 - when a guy a staring at a female too long.
"hey, check out the girl over there."

"dude, she's fat. you're just boobie blind."


(when a guy is staring at a girl and not paying to the conversation.)

friend - "hello??? quit being boobie blind."
by azlurker July 27, 2009

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the person who sits in the middle of a bench seat in a car or truck.
"why can't i sit next to the window? how come i always have to ride bitch?"

"quit complaining, bitch! you are the bitch! quit bitching!"
by azlurker August 02, 2009

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someone who can drink alot and not get drunk.

i.e., like drinking someone under the table.
"i could drink you under the table."

"whatever, you don't have any beer balls."
by azlurker July 27, 2009

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