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A mostly Caribbean slang term that is spoken or written as an exclamation to refer to a very good song or your favorite song.
by azizip17 August 31, 2010
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Southern African American vernacular slang which purposefully uses the past tense to refer to singing in the present tense. Sanging means "singing really well"; "singing with a lot of soul".
That choir is really sangin' that song!
by azizip17 August 31, 2010
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A referent for a Black female. Since at least the early 2000s "soul sister" is usually shortened to sista without the word "soul". "Soul brother" brotha is the equivalent referent for a Black male.
1.Soul sister #9, sock it to me one more tme.

2. That soul sister knows she's lookin good.
by azizip17 December 21, 2011
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a form of spoken word poetry in which social and/or political commentary is performed to the accompaniment of slow tempo or moderately tempo instrumental music.
1. President Obama was so cool when he slowed jammed the news on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

2. I liked the jazz music that the band played during that slow jam the news segment.
by azizip17 April 27, 2012
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confidently & distainfully tell someone you verbally whooped that you want them to tell everybody that you smacked them down.
Denise LaSalle early 1970s R&B record-
You been tellin' everybody where it's at.
Now run and tell that
by azizip17 September 05, 2010
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