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...the jibing associated with the exposure of the nipple, including the nipple areolar complex (NAC), the result of an uptight society's discomfiture with the breast in general and the NAC in particular... nippy shame can be said repeatedly while crossing one index finger in a right angle over the other and pushing the upper finger away from the dorsum of the hand... upon seeing a nipple -> nippy shame, nippy shame, nippy shame, ...
At a party, the hostess dives into the pool and comes up out of the water, her bikini top askew. With her right (or left) nipple areolar complex exposed several party goers start chanting "nippy shame" as they cross their index fingers and rub them as if they are trying to start a fire...
by awdwagon September 28, 2013

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Scalp scrunch is the wrinkling and ridging of the posterior scalp seen on bald men. It is particularly evident when the head meets a chair or couch back causing an upwards pressure.
The man sitting in front of her on the airplane fell asleep, making his scalp scrunch eye catching.
by awdwagon December 25, 2011

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Puckementia is a state of mental confusion or altered perception related to repeated head injuries, often seen in ice hockey players
Puckementia is the condition exhibited by Anthony Weiner when he "forgot" about his sexting escapades.
by awdwagon June 07, 2011

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