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Fishing for sympathy – the act of posting cryptically unhappy status updates on social networks for the purposes of getting some attention from sympathetic "friends".
Jane: is wondering how long this is going to go on for...!?!
Emma: Hope you're alright hon!
Betty: Sending you my love xx
Rach: Hugs and kisses, anything I can do?
Tom: Stop it, everyone, she's just sympafishing!
by atatdotdot February 10, 2011

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Of a musical recording; having been through a process of digital remastering, only to produce a result that sounds considerably worse than the original.
A: Hey, have you heard the new remastered version of Money for Nothing?
B: RemasTURD, more like. It's totally lost all the punch of the original!

www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=7UjQc0dM4H4&fmt=18
by atatdotdot September 25, 2014

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Mad, insane, bats, nuts, bonkers, wacko, barmy.
I've been learning about quantum computing. It's totally cré.
by atatdotdot February 06, 2019

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