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Media favoritism for Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential Election. Many journalists and entertainers became campaigners for Obama and overlooked his negatives and radical agenda. Common wisdom indicates that Mediabama wants to be part of history in creating the first black U.S. President.
I told a Mediabama pollster yesterday that I am voting for Obama cause I'm afraid of any possible retaliation.
by artdax October 20, 2008

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There is a significant number of democrats who will never vote for Hillary. There is an almost equal number who will never vote for Obama. These are the mccain democrats because they would rather vote for mccain if their preferred democratic candidate, either Hillary or Obama is not the nominee.
The Latinos and the Asians in my state will never vote for Obama because they are McCain democrats. The rednecks in Lubbock will never vote for Hillary because they are McCain democrats.
by artdax March 10, 2008

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