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1.) The act of doing an unassisted keg stand. 2.) The act of a solo keg stand.
Guy one: "Dude, did you see Chris do an unassisted keg stand???"

Guy two: "Yeah, he just did an Iron Pipe!!!!!!"
by armyman56m July 25, 2010

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While taking a piss and getting someone to look at your junk. It is worth 7 kicks to the ass of the observer while calling them names making them apear gay.
Chris: Dude did you just get Gerber to look at your dick?

Skyler: Yeah man I gave em the fountain!!!!!
by armyman56m October 17, 2010

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When a guy gets upset over something irrational. Always seems to happen around the same week out of the month. Bitching for no good reason.
Girl: Do you know what is wrong with Corey? He said I cant have any guy friends.

Guy: Oh, he's just having his emo period!!!
by armyman56m August 14, 2010

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