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The offspring and result of two practicing fuckers.
Fucker: You two fucklets play together while I fuck mommy some more.
......later that day:
Fuckress: Oh yeah, baby, lets make some more fucklets.
......later that year:
Fucker: You three fucklets play together...etc.
by Arlo June 27, 2003
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To rock somethin mad, yo!
Your mom ruxorz my penis!!!!!!11111111
by Arlo July 02, 2003
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Extremely stupid person.
Arlo said: All work and no play makes Toop a dull boy. All play and no work makes Toop a sledge.

Toope was the name of the unfortunate pupil concerned.

Tup is Welsh for stupid.
by Arlo June 17, 2006
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A term some use to mean "What in the hell" that is generally followed by a question mark. This term is very similar to WTF. Usually used when something very strange or weird happens.
After hearing my cat tell us why he doenst like us, we all were like, WITH!!??
by arlo January 30, 2004
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