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Anything our friend Billy would say at any time, at any place. But our better friend, Alex, fortunately has never had an "off the air" experience, but wishes to take this moment to give some examples of Billy moments:
"No no, my watch is broken, but I can tell the time anyway."
--Off the air

"You know that porn movie, Country Comfort? Yeah I jacked THREE times to that shit!"
--Off the air

"You know that hot math teacher, Mrs. Lavelle? Yeah I love her hairy legs, they make me tingle with delight."
--Off the air

"Dudes, last night I put my balls in my stomach!"
--Off the air

"Guy's, a big penis is like 2 inches. I made the cut!"
--Off the air
by apw December 3, 2006
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When your parents ask you do something. At the end of the week they will pay you depending on the work you do
Wow I got $200 for my weekly allowance. I cleaned the walls and the ceiling which I wasn't supposed to do and got an extra $20
by apw June 28, 2017
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