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1. Soaked, filled, or loaded to capacity.
2. Drunk, having had too many alcoholic beverages, stoned, high, having slurred speach, and unable to facilitate coherent thought process of any kind.
3. Immersed in thoughts, either happy, inspiring, terrifying, or depressed.
1. "Your clothes are saturated with rain."
2. "Like my body?... I was honored to be on our.. next performer's new video... And if I ever record an album.. I want this guy to produce m-mine.. and make me beautiful duets.. 'cause he's freakin' genius!..." - Anna Nicole Smith @ The American Music Awards 2004
3. "I've been deep in thought all day, worried about the unknown and what shall become of me, blah dee blah blah."
by antimyopia December 07, 2005
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A condition that results from extreme anorexia. A persons limbs resemble small parts of a wind chime. One cannot help but hear a "windchime" sound as they walk past.
"I can hear her bones from a mile away. She needs a burger. She's got Windchime Syndrome."
by Antimyopia March 05, 2006
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A delicious mix of diced apples, cantelope, grapes, strawberries and many other types of fresh fruit. Sometimes eaten as a sidecourse to breakfast and lunch, or as a snack in itself. Great source of vitamins, and generally a nutritious, healthy snack for fat people.
Woo. Let's skip the burger and go strait for the fruit salad! I want to be skinny and have my bones stick out everywhere. Yum.. Ah.
by Antimyopia February 20, 2006
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