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Noun, a little hunk of something delicious and sinful; a guilty pleasure; something fattening and shameful to eat. Can also be used to describe a person who is naughty or too good looking or too over-the-top. Delicious, obscene.
What is that chocolate mess you are eating? -Oh, just a little sin biscuit I whipped up.


Did you see that hoochie outfit she's wearing? -That girl is a sin biscuit!
by anthnerd November 13, 2009
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A young man who is a healthy specimen (no drinking, smoking, drugs, possibly vegan) and is hired by an tech billionaire to be a source of youthful, healthy blood for him, via regular transfusions.
After failing to find a good job in tech, Blaine resorted to becoming a blood boy for Larry Ellison.
by anthnerd September 11, 2017
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