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To literally beat the shit out of someone. Especially to one who really is testing your patience. The beating is similar to what carlo received from sonny in the movie The Godfather.
Damn, that motherfucker really pissed me off. I'd go sonny on him if he doesn't happen to be my dad.
by anon5555 September 20, 2009

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To impact a soccer game in such a way that u by yourself orchestrated a massive comeback for ur team after being a few goals down.
Dude 1: I produce a steven gerrard during today's football match.

Dude 2: Yeah, ur team was like 2 goals down and suddenly u scored 1 and set up the other 2 goals. Congrats, man.
by anon5555 October 07, 2009

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A person who initially pisses u off because of their very presence and then pisses u off even more for their stupidity.
Annoying fuck: I fucked ur girlfriend last night.

Dude : U r one stupid son of a bitch...fuck you
by anon5555 October 12, 2009

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An insult u use when u run out of ideas during an argument.
Dude 1: Fuck ur father, u son of a bitch

Dude 2: Fuck ur mother, u son of a hmmm.. u son of a fucktard
by anon5555 October 09, 2009

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