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Auto-rejection is when a woman rejects the advances of a man, because she thinks he is unattainable for a serious relationship. This may be because she thinks the man is of "too high value" or does not show enough interest in her.
When the stud with a doctoral degree in Mathematics courted for Marie, the young peasant girl, she dismissed his advances due to auto-rejection.
by alphaToOmega February 20, 2019
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The realization that Western civilization is doomed to vanish from the face of earth within this 21st century, due to its lack of desire to self preservance, low birth rates and immigration. Gaining the understandnig that the beauty of the people and culture of Europe origin will fade away forever.

Once it is swallowed, it may cause utter despair to the point of suicidality.
After having seen his country gradually turn into another Pakistan, John swallowed the black pill recently. All he can think of at night is the utter hopelessness in the face of destruction of his country.
by alphaToOmega December 10, 2018
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