auto-rejection can be displayed in many models, but the most ubiquitous action seen in the macrocosm of human attraction, tends to arise during a lessened encounter between two individuals. for a brief yet very clear moment, the female subject will automatically come to the conclusion that you are either:

c.)"out of her league"
d.)all of the above

after making this light speed decision, she will in some way make this judgement radically clear in a matter of seconds. sometimes without having to say or do anything at all. however, the declaration of her conclusion will be unmistakably pronounced.

while friend zoned may closely mimic auto-rejection, the latter is less painful in the remote future but more demeaning during the moment it originates.
As the young man asked for his waitress's phone number, she pretended not to hear him, slinking back into the wretched filth from which she was spawned. The gentleman caller was filled with despair as he was cast down into the cold damp catacombs of auto-rejection.
by wilthoven November 3, 2012
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Auto-rejection is when a woman rejects the advances of a man, because she thinks he is unattainable for a serious relationship. This may be because she thinks the man is of "too high value" or does not show enough interest in her.
When the stud with a doctoral degree in Mathematics courted for Marie, the young peasant girl, she dismissed his advances due to auto-rejection.
by alphaToOmega February 20, 2019
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