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the act of exchanging criticisms over social networking sites such as facebook, myspace, etc.
posted on Andy's wall

Kevin: if school was a 7 foot high jump you would never get it, and everyone would laugh at you. ps your sister is hott

Blake: I like the last part

Andy: one of these days blake, you're gonna walk down the wrong dark alley

Blake: kevin is the one that said it lol, doenst matter tho cuz your left hook is WEAK

Andy: kevin is an unknown quantity he may be retarded, who knows--in either case i cannot hold him accountable for his words.
i saw him trying to mimic a snowflake today, if that helps at all--

Blake:kevin is a wierd creature on this earth. God still loves him the way his is even though the female population is not attracted to is awkwardness in society

Andy: idk.i saw one of his females picking her nose and eating it, then eating ryans too

Kevin: first off. i saw i had to make sure that andy wasnt crying after he ate 4 ice cream cones today and then thought he was fat. he then went into the bathroom and stole all of the paper towels and stuffed them down his coat

blake, you have no room to talk because you once thought that your teeth were knocked out and made up an imaginary lisp to go along with your bs story, thats not as bad as andy.. but its still pretty bad

Andy: touche.. that was an excellent net-battle
by akidwhomadeit May 04, 2010

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