1 definition by adof hitler

If you do not use a condom durring your sexual intercourse, you will "lock" due to the male circumcision wile having an orgasm and ejaculate all over the females uteris and get her pregnant threw SEVERE PAIN in the penis head.
FUCK, my father had me circumcised! I didn't know, I fuck some chick and "locked" inside her vagina and cummed,

I didn't use "IT" a condom, and now I lost "IT!" my freedom!!

now as a man I have to do things I have to do, even if I don't want to!!

I have to be a slave and take FINANCIAL care of some BABY cuz IM THE FATHER MAURY!!!!!

"If you don't use it, You will loose it."
by adof hitler July 7, 2009
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