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The traditional, affirmative pirate-speak usage of "yar" has become antiquated. The contemporary definitions are as follows:
1. Among snowboarders and skiiers, it is a synonym for the colloquial word "gnar," referring to snow.
2. Drawing off the previous definition, yar has recently started to represent coke (cocaine) (aka snow).
1. I shredded so much yar today. The pow was fresh!
2. Let's call up your dealer to buy some yar.
by addison_ March 12, 2015

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Building off of the definitions for candy flip, hippie flip, and Jedi flip, a hobo flop is the act of combining five (or more) drugs in a single session or day.
“Why hasn’t Russ spoken in three hours?”
“Oh, he hobo flopped today”
by addison_ March 05, 2019

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