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The inescapable cosmic force of awesome that is the essence and the driving force behind the pervasive and universal components of unsophisticated goofery.

It is a freedom of attitude and behavior in its rawest, most unrestrained, and comically shocking form.
The look of someone's face in mid-sneeze is very ogurt.

I'm gonna drink this entire bottle of NyQuil and get ogurt.

I have a very ogurt method of sniffing my own farts.

The cross-eyed look on her face while she was blowing me was so fucking ogurt.
by adamogron July 10, 2008

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The force that drives ugly people to perform better during sex. In reference to the movie "Rudy" where a completely inadequate kid pushes and pushes himself into playing for Notre Dame's football team.
Dude, that chick was fat and uber gross but she gave great head. God bless the Rudy Factor.
by adamogron July 10, 2008

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An ogurt term used to describe sexual intercourse.
"Dude, that chick is totally blowing up my junk. She wants to borf me."

"Angelina Jolie? I would totally borf the hell out of her..."
by adamogron July 10, 2008

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A personal favorite or obsession. Similar to saying you "dig" something.
Man, I love BLT sandwiches. They are my duggy.

I don't care what you like. Cold beer and baloney is my special duggy when I watch football.

by adamogron October 22, 2008

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