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Being “plucked” is when you buy an illegal substance from a dealer and they give you something that’s not said drug or give you way than what you paid for less similar to being shorted. Basically being lied to make a profit and most of the time it’s ridiculous stuff.
“That dealer gave me 1g instead of 3gs”
“Damn you got plucked”

“My plug never brought me my fake even though I gave him 50$”
“You got plucked”

“Lol I just plucked that freshie
“I gave her smarties and told her it was molly”
by acekaites June 11, 2019

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TIK TOK IS THE TRUE APP OF GEN Z. PEOPLE WHO HATE TIK TOK ONLY HATE IT BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HATES IT OR BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY HAVE A PHD IN MATURITY. Tiktok is an app where to be truly utilized to it's full potential you must let your for you page become customized with the algorithm it takes time, there's different sides of tik tok, straight tiktok, alt/elite tiktok. tiktok is better than vine if you disagree then it's because you're caught up in the nostalgia and you need to move out of your hometown case closed tiktok rules
tik tok is the best social media app
instagram accounts only post tiktoks from straight/boring tik tok so that's why tik tok seems lame

don't knock tik tok till you try it

i love tik tok

tiktok is awesome and is just one big inside joke stepchicken, wallets,👁👄👁,🧚🏼 ♀️💕✨, pickmegirls
by acekaites June 06, 2020

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